Overview of industrial recycling and demolition of the Turkish ship

In 1976, the Turkish Government issued Decree planning an exclusive area of ​​600,000 m 2 with a coastline 1.450m to establish industrial parks and demolition recycling in the city of Aliaga sea...

Patronus sea

Ship SAR 412 Coordination Center for search and rescue marine area 2 (Da Nang MRCC) is considered the patron saint of fishermen rescue Central. Each voyage, SAR 412 crew confronted not only with the...

Director Maritime: Rescue must be active in every situation!

"In terms of equipment for search and rescue marine has not been equipped with modern, but the goal of the transport sector as well as the Maritime Administration set for Coordination Center for...

International regulations on coordination of activities at sea TKCN

SAR Convention 79 is the International Convention on Search and Rescue at sea; consisting of 93 member states participated, including Vietnam. The purpose of this Convention to develop and conduct...


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