SAR Convention 79 is the International Convention on Search and Rescue at sea; consisting of 93 member states participated, including Vietnam. The purpose of this Convention to develop and conduct search and rescue operations through the establishment of a common plan to organize timely operational Search and Rescue (TKCN) at sea and promoting integration operation between organizations and forces engaged TKCN.

Chapter II of the Convention at SAR 79 specifies the organization coordinating the activities TKCN sea. Accordingly, there must be arrangements, provide and coordinate services TKCN. The members of the Organization ensure that the necessary plans in providing appropriate services for people TKCN distress at sea within its shores. All the information changes, including maritime services national TKCN; position established rescue coordination centers, telephone number, fax number and specialized areas; government units, available to use that country will be communicated to the member states of the Convention.

Each area will be set according TKCN agreement between the participating members. In the absence of an agreement on the partition of an area TKCN between members, they will make every effort to reach an agreement due to the appropriate arrangements, whereby the coordination of all activities TKCN dynamic between members in areas that are the same. The agreement reached between the parties will be notified to the Secretariat, the Secretariat will inform all the participants in the agreement and the job has been stated above. The delimitation of areas TKCN not related and do not affect the delimitation of boundaries between nations.

Besides members are also required to ensure they meet adequately the activities TKCN around their shores as: can respond immediately to the emergency call or when receiving information that people crashed in the region are providing coordinated activities TKCN overall, the member must take urgent steps to provide appropriate support most available to any person in distress at sea, regardless regardless of nationality or status of the person. The Convention also stipulates must have the cooperation of the media and the establishment TKCN centers, sub-centers and rescue coordination.

The centers must have sufficient means to receive emergency information via a radio coast as well as possible in contact with the unit and rescue and coordination centers and rescue, the sub-centers in the area surrounding a most appropriate way. In addition, the Convention also clarifies the provisions on the appointment of rescue units as well as the investment in facilities and equipment for the unit.

The participants of the convention are required to ensure the closest practical cooperation between maritime services and aviation. Wishing to develop the coordination of safety at sea, as well as promoting cooperation between organizations in search and rescue around the world, conventions SAR 79 has played an important role in helping people go sea. Departments in Hai Phong Maritime (According to IMO)



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