In 1976, the Turkish Government issued Decree planning an exclusive area of ​​600,000 m 2 with a coastline 1.450m to establish industrial parks and demolition recycling in the city of Aliaga sea vessels with the aim of providing source of scrap for electric arc furnaces. Currently, in the Aliaga Industrial Zone, all ship recycling 22 companies are licensed to the number of employees up to 2,000 people when operating at full capacity and 05 steel plant is operating. Activity ship recycling is done to comply with the provisions of national legislation and the guidelines of the International Labor Organization (ILO), International Maritime Organization (IMO), the Basel Convention and the Convention Hong Kong (the Convention provisions on ship recycling and demolition). Although Turkey is not a member of the Convention in Hong Kong but industry ship recycling of Turkey is considered the leader in safety standards and the environment and so completely meets the technical requirements of the Convention. In addition, the regulations on the recycling and waste management from the Turkish ship to comply with the strict regulations of the EU. From this reason, industry ngiep recycling and demolition of ships in Turkey called "Sector ship recycling green" (Green Ship Recycling) currently yields demolition per ton of Turkey ranks World 5 (approximately 1,000,000 tonnes including commercial vessels and naval ships) after India, China, Bangladesh, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Pakistani nations 10th largest steel producer gender. Demolition costs at Turkish ship at around 50 USD / ton. All steel products obtained from recycling,Model recycling and demolition of the Turkish ship Style: Take the train up the momentum or to park has concrete base on the coast for recycling and demolition (Landing Method). Unlike India or Bangladesh, Bangladesh and some water is brought right up the beach to ship demolition (beaching method). Agency management and supervision: including 04 ministries - the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication: responsible for recycling and demolition; - Ministry of Environment and Urban: in charge of managing, monitoring of environmental pollutants; - Ministry of Labor and Social Security: in charge of safety and occupational health; - Ministry of Education: in charge of vocational training, vocational certificates for employees. Process inspection and licensing of ships dismantled authorities: Including 09 Steps- Step 1: port authorities licensed vessels on anchorage area out doBuoc 2: The inspection team comprised of representatives of the customs authorities, the Coast Guard, Health and port authorities inspect the ship before licensing for vessels on inland waters - Step 3: Port authorities licensed vessels to dump demolition - Step 4: base recycling fixed ship, ensure safety on beaches - Step 5: the Center for waste management inspection and classification of waste tauBuoc 6: the inspection team composed of representatives of the Chamber of maritime trade, customs and port authorities inspect and identify the cargo remaining on board not belonging boat Step 7: General environmental Department inspection and approval of the notification of hazardous substances on board - Step 8: customs Authority completed vessel import records - Step 9: port authorities granted demolition permit to conduct ship. The process of recycling and demolition of vessels: Consists of 03 stepsStep 1: Waste Management Center check and move the toxic waste from the ship to the temporary storage areas to handleStep 2: Base recycling conducting dismantling equipment and machinery of ships and steel cutting, sorting steel - Step 3: After the completion of recycling, demolition, facility demolition notice to Port maritime operations to be issued a certificate of completion before the end of recycling procedures and demolition ships with the customs Authority. All steps of recycling, demolition ships are deployed above and filed through tables and standards prescribed form. The facility dismantlement must equip themselves with adequate equipment necessary labor protection equipment fire department, booms, suction pump oil ..., planning and to plan the rescue, treatment emergency to minimize the risk of accidents, incidents related to safety and health of workers and pollute the environment.Quality control sea and air in the Industrial Park Recycling Aliaga According to University Eylul Government tasked to manage and control the quality of water and air in the waters Aliaga, whereby scientists took water to measure, check every 6 months / time and air 9 months / time, reported the agency having jurisdiction. Vocational training, licensing and inspection of health workers.All workers before working in the facility dismantlement must attend training courses in both theory and practice in place and are certified by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime and information; Workers are recycling facilities and fully equipped demolition workwear, tools and equipment in any condition working environment. Every 3 months / time, workers medical facility to medical care, eye exams, functional breathing, hearing, chest X-Ray chest ... ensure the interests of safety and health for workers under regulations. The possibility of cooperation between the recycling facility and ship demolition of Turkey and VietnamIn recent trip in May 4/2015 of Missions Ministry of Transport to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, Society and the recycling facility and ship demolition of Turkey, representatives leadership of the agencies behind Vietnam highly appreciated the formation and development of the industry of recycling green of Turkey and suggested the Turkish side advisory, support the relevant units of Vietnam in the construction of the legal system; implementation; training, coaching staff and management experts, workers ... and all fields of industrial recycling and demolition of ships in the near future on the basis of the Agreement on Maritime Bilateral Vietnam - Turkey was signed on 22.04.2015.

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