Ship SAR 412 Coordination Center for search and rescue marine area 2 (Da Nang MRCC) is considered the patron saint of fishermen rescue Central. Each voyage, SAR 412 crew confronted not only with the ocean waves, but also with other threats. Who steer this legendary Captain Phan Xuan Son 57. 10 years of "reins" SAR 412 ships, with sailors Son many times to cope with the waves of the ocean to do the task at fishermen in distress. Rescue fishermen bow before China 11g lunch, but very very sunny on the deck of the ship SAR 412, each top sailors wiping sweaty, storage devices. Above the cabin, Captain Phan Xuan Son listened intently information on marine weather forecast.Today is considered one of the most carefree days of old captain and the ship's crew of 412 SAR ... RIT long cigarette, Mr. Son said: "57 years old, more than half of life with the sea, at mediterranean sure Me too ". Date 02/10/2015, Captain Son with 21 brothers on board with a "rescue" of fishermen in Binh Dinh Hoang Sa boat sank spectacularly. Captain sitting in a chair, his good jump down and searched maps. Pointing to the map, Captain Son recalls 1530 hrs 10-2 days, upon receipt of orders, SAR 412 immediately set off against the waves out to sea and rescue crew members of fishing vessels and BD BD 95 569 95 427 victims in the archipelago Hoang Sa. 4h45 to day 11/02, SAR 412 to the scene, Captain Son reducing station. A few minutes later, from SAR 412 sailors discovered in Binh Dinh fishermen are drifting on a basket of bottles. "When we approached, BD 95 427 fishing boats sank. Through binoculars we see the blue text on a basket of bottles stating you read the newspaper Tuoi Tre donated. Immediately, SAR 412 fishermen approach "- Captain Son said. How to ship BD BD 95 427 95 569 almost 100km ships and six fishermen were stranded on the island Yen (Paracels). "Location ship stranded complex, dense bottom of coral reefs, the island is sinking but no detailed voyage up the dangerous" - Captain paint analysis. The SAR 412 sailors aboard the ship inched stress brought by little. Amid "stretch" as such, since in the cabin, the captain Son discovered a ship seascape China running from the direction of Woody Island And few minutes later, another naval vessel China appear, tarpaulin cover fireworks are pull down about 100m from SAR 412. Along with a Chinese aircraft seminar on SAR 412 pants. "In this situation, our brothers together calmly advised, lowering lifeboats to reach the fishermen" - Captain Son said. Once finished fishermen welcome to post SAR 412, the Chinese navy continues scene followed at a distance of 2 nautical miles. "This is not the first time the Chinese were SAR 412 Summer intimidation. Previously, we also had three times been so over the Hoang Sa waters but you still confident, calm management "- Captain Son said. As soon as he put the fishermen to land safely, the Minister of Transport had a compliment. Clearly stating the search and rescue forces to do their duty bravely rescue the fishermen, despite the two warships, a Chinese helicopter pants neighborhood workshops. This demonstrates the spirit of determination to cling maritime search and rescue forces,Soldiers maneuver at seaMaritime University graduate Haiphong, Captain Son ocean sailors. The turning point led him to rescue career in 2005, when Da Nang MRCC receiving SAR 412. According to Captain Son, brothers and rescue crew in general, every day is a "duty", all are on board and ready sorties regardless of the weather is. "With this job, despite being at home for Tet, is in bed but received signals are immediately going. 15-20 minutes after receiving the command, the ship will set sail. Also for that reason that you usually only sailor around in the distance in Danang not dare to go far. " Captain Son looked toward the fishing boats are casting a net in the sea Man Thai, said: "The golden rule brother we always remind each other that their more quickly, saving time how much the probability of rescue fishermen, who crashed the higher ". There are voyage that far, veteran captain was still deep in the memories by extreme pain. That's voyage after Typhoon No. 1 Chanchu 2006. RIT long cigarette, Captain Son recalls: On 21-5-2006, the SAR 412 to emergency exits. This trip also PV Anh - Tuoi Tre. Place to place, a horrific scenes, tragic sea on board make you teary-eyed SAR 412. Many fishermen have bodies stink, some must marinade in plastic containers. "In just two days, we received eight bodies, rescuing 10 fishermen. Train back to shore but heavy heart everyone, great damage too "- Captain Son choked. Not merely the support of fishermen at sea, SAR 412 also participated timely relief to people isolated in the storm in the island. 11/2010 sea waves, people on Ly Son Island (Quang Ngai) isolated from the mainland for more than 10 days. SAR vessel 412 after a half day sea cruise on Ly Son island came carrying the first aid shipments to 1 ton of rice to the island. This is the number of rice by officers and sailors of the SAR contributions. As soon as the ship access to the port near Ly Son, across the harbor from hundreds of fishermen rushing out to greet her.Each year hundreds of fishermen at Bui Tan Nguyen - director MRCC Da Nang - said: "The ship SAR 412 is the largest ship of the unit by his Son as captain since new ships on. He is experienced seafarers, diligent work and very devoted to rescue. The vessel is the flagship vessel of the unit ". According to Mr. Nguyen, the mechanic of SAR 412 initiatives increase fuel chamber to increase the time and distance of activities at sea. Previously SAR 412 go 250 knots, 600 knots this up, thus helping many more victims. Huynh Van Thang - Deputy Committee for Flood and Storm Prevention and search and rescue Danang - said: "Talk about MRCC Da Nang, I have only one word is admirable. They did not mind the rainy weather, the time, whenever fishermen, people in distress at sea is their present distress. MRCC Da Nang each year hundreds of fishermen rescue. We're brothers or guardian for them in the sea ". Mr. Thang said that the boat rescue at sea not only rescue mission that they are the fulcrum help our fishermen assured of maritime jobs. Thang acknowledged: "You are my Son is a respect for the enthusiasm, spunk. Although older but do not mind putting in any task what, where fishermen victims should be immediately he left. " according tuoitreonline



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