Vietnam Maritime Administration participates in negotiating on signing of Undertaking with Dominica for recognition of certificates of competency of seafarers

At 20:00 on 04 March 2022, the Vietnam Maritime Administration attended an online meeting with the Dominican Maritime Administration to negotiate Undertaking between the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica and the Government of Viet Nam for recognition of certificates of compectency of seafarers (The undertaking).

Deputy Administrator Hoang Hong Giang and Dominica's counterpart have agreed on the signing of the Undertaking between Vietnam and Dominica.

Representatives of the Vietnam Maritime Administration are Mr. Hoang Hong Giang, Deputy Administrator, Head of Viet Nam delegation, and International Cooperation – IMO Department leaders and officials. The Dominican delegation was joined by Mr. Eric R. Dawicki, Deputy Maritime Administrator of Commonwealth of Dominica Office of Maritime Affairs and Marine Personnel, Head of delegation, Mr. Kyle Racine, Director of Ship Services, Mr. Morgan Dawicki, Director of International Relations, and Ms. Eva Lianne Veldkamp, IMO Policy Coordinator. At the meeting, the inadequacies on the contents of the Undertaking were positively resolved, and the two sides also discussed the implementation work after the Undertaking was signed;

At the end of the meeting, Deputy Administrator Hoang Hong Giang would like to thank the Dominican delegation for their interest, cooperation, negotiation, and signing of the Undertaking with the Vietnamese side, thereby wishing that the implementation of the Undertaking in the future will be smooth and good, contributing to improving cooperation between the two countries, especially in the field of navigation, shipping, training and exchange of seafarers.



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