The Ministry of Transport in coordination with the Quang Ninh Provincial Traffic Safety Board organized a propaganda to disseminate legal education on maritime safety assurance for small ship crew members, SB vessels, tourist boats and some fishermen. local in the province from 09-10 July 2019, in Ha Long Commune, Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thach, Director of Traffic Safety Department (Ministry of Transport) spoke at the propaganda program
Opening remarks The Head of Traffic Safety Department (Ministry of Transport), Mr. Nguyen Van Thach, said that Vietnam is a country in the tropical monsoon region, with more than 3,260 km of coastline, millions of islands large and small and more than hundred thousand ships Sea transport, fishing vessels operate regularly on the sea.
In order to happen accidents at sea, in addition to objective reasons such as weather and storm effects, there are also subjective causes such as crew members and fishermen who have not complied with safety regulations for ships. boats for lifesaving equipment, floating tools on ships, poor quality or not fully installed communication equipment and regulations on search and rescue (TKCN) at sea. Consequently, when incidents occur, shipowners and crew members fall into a passive and life-threatening manner, the economic and technical work is facing many difficulties.

Recently, with the development of sea transport, coastal transport routes have been formed, contributing to promoting goods circulation. However, along with the situation of insecurity, accidents with vehicles such as sea-going river vessels (SB), small transport vessels and accidents of fishing vessels occur more often.
"The Ministry of Transport organizes a conference to disseminate laws on maritime safety assurance for fishermen, seafarers and other stakeholders in Van Don district will help fishermen gain knowledge about the law and measures to handle incidents on the sea, peace of mind, contribute to economic development, "Mr. Thach said.

On behalf of Van Don district, Mr. Chau Thanh Hung - Vice Chairman of Van Don District People's Committee emphasized Van Don District as one of the localities with a variety of means to participate in inland waterway traffic. Currently, Van Don has 08 inland waterway ports and wharves; 21 means of transporting goods; 1 means of transporting petrol and oil; 70 means of transporting passengers on Van Don - Co To routes. Besides, Van Don also has Cai Rong Port which is one of the wharfs operating "2 in 1", both a port of life and a passenger port of Quan Lan and Co To ... So, reasonable management and operating tasks, ensuring traffic safety must always be at the top.

Regarding Vietnam Maritime Administration, Mr. Le Vinh Quang - Deputy Head of Maritime Safety and Security Department has disseminated some information about maritime safety assurance for small transport vessels, SB, cruise ships. , fishing vessels.
At the same time, officials and employees of the Maritime Maritime Engineering Coordination Center (VSCF) disseminate regulations on maritime safety assurance (responsibilities of captains, crew and safety on board, regulations on ensuring safety equipment on board, contacting support when encountering bad situations at sea ...).

Doctors belong to the Center of Maritime Maritime Engineering Cooperation in Vietnam
instructing primary fishermen to save the wound when having trouble at sea
At the same time, the rescue force guided the theory and practiced the handling of incidents and accidents of transport ships while on the sea journey such as common diseases, health examinations before leaving. fishing, first aid at sea; How to identify the beacons of transport ships while on the sea voyage, handle situations when incidents, accidents, practice anti-sinking methods.
To encourage 200 crew members and fishermen in Van Don districts, Cam Pha and Co To districts, Quang Ninh province to attend the program, the Ministry of Transport has awarded a number of life jackets, floating tools and set of propaganda materials on maritime safety work.

Representatives of the Ministry of Transport and local donated life jackets and life-saving tools
for Van Don district farmers and neighboring districts
At the end of the program, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung, Standing Member - Chief of the Traffic Safety Department of Quang Ninh Province made a speech expressing his interest in ensuring safety for small transport vessels and SB vessels. , tourist boats, fishing vessels due to complex navigation system, including maritime and domestic routes in the province and thanks for the attention of the Ministry of Transport to propaganda and variable goods law. marine and inland waterways for local fishermen.


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