On 08/8/2019, at Vung Tau Maritime Port Authority, Ministry of Transport and Vietnam Maritime Administration chaired a meeting to evaluate the implementation of the Maritime Safety Assurance Plan for large vessels. (container ships, Panamax ships with a tonnage of over 80,000 DWT; super-sized and super-weight ships carrying structures, bases, oil rigs ...) entering and leaving Vung Tau seaports from 2016 to 8/2019 .

Director of Traffic Safety Department - Ministry of Transport Nguyen Van Thach

Deputy Director of Vietnam Maritime Administration Nguyen Dinh Viet

Chairmen of the conference were Mr. Nguyen Van Thach, Director of Traffic Safety Department, Ministry of Transport and Deputy Director of Vietnam Maritime Administration Nguyen Dinh Viet. Attending the Conference were full-time staff of the Department of Traffic Safety (Ministry of Transport), Department of Maritime Safety (Vietnam Maritime Administration) and leaders of units: Vung Tau Port Authority, Ho Chi Minh City Port Authority , Dong Nai Port Authority; Southern Fire Protection Corporation, Maritime Region Search and Rescue Center in Region III, Vung Tau Pilotage Factory, Tan Cang Pilot Company Limited, Area I Pilot Company Limited, BCH Border guard of BR-VT port border gate; large ship owners; port businesses; Maritime agents and units providing towage and rescue services in the region.

At the Conference, after listening to the report on the situation and results of implementing the Plan of Vung Tau Maritime Port Authority, comments and comments on the results of implementation coordination as well as recommendations and proposals Relevant export of units and enterprises attending the Conference, Leaders of Vietnam Maritime Administration and Ministry of Transport and Communication highly appreciated the efforts and results of coordinating to implement the Plan of Maritime Port Authority well. Vung Tau and other relevant agencies and enterprises have promptly met the needs of ship owners, port owners, shippers and related enterprises, effectively supporting the exploitation and distribution activities. development of Southeastern seaport group in general and Vung Tau seaport in particular. For petitions to solve difficulties and problems of Vung Tau Maritime Port Authority and a number of enterprises related to the implementation of signing the "Principle Contract" between ship owners and units with appropriate rescue functions ; Shipowners' limitations in not yet timely responding to accidents and incidents to accidents with large ships in the past time. Leaders of the Vietnam Maritime Administration and the Ministry of Transport and Communications have assigned the Maritime Security and Safety Department (Vietnam Maritime Administration) based on the content and results of discussions at the meeting to study and advise appropriate solutions. ./.

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